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ASP 015: From Cocaine & Alcohol to a Successful Business Owner, Mother, and Grandmother

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My guest this week is Donna Wood.  Listen as Donna shares her story.  How she started out drinking as a teenager, then progressed to cocaine and partying as she became an adult.  She shares her heart-wrenching decision to give her daughter up for adoption at the age of 2.Addiction Support Podcast

Today, Donna is a successful business woman.  She owns and operates one of the largest landscaping businesses in Phoenix, AZ.  She’s a loving Mother, Grandmother, and Friend.  To know her is to adore her!

Donna believes that anyone who is struggling with addiction should seek help.  She recommends starting with a 12 Step Program, therapy, and personal growth.Addiction Support Podcast Donna Wood


Donna highly recommends Alison Armstrong’s work.  I have not taken her seminars however I have many friends who have.  You can check that out at

2 Books that Donna recommended are Think & Grow Rich For Women and Compound Effect.  If you want to get 1 one of these on audio for FREE  just click here or go to

She also uses the Passion Planner to keep her life organized.

I should have taken a picture to show you how she does it.  Basically, each area of her life has a different highlighter color.  When she looks at her planner,  she can see if she’s in harmony or if she needs to spend more time in a certain area of her life.  Pretty Smart!

  • When you refer 3 people who buy a Passion Planner then you’ll get one for free!  If you do order a Passion Planner, let them know that Donna or I referred you.  My email is Melissa [at] oakcreekwellness [dot] com.  *My email looks funny because I’m hoping to avoid spam and bots.  Send me a message through my contact page or leave a comment below if you would like Donna’s email.  We sure would appreciate it! xoxo

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