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ASP 004: 4 Easy Nutrition Tips for More Happiness from Terra Rose Ganem of Body Brilliance

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4 Easy Nutrition Tips for More Happiness

My guest this week is Terra Rose Ganem.  She is CEO / President of Body Brilliance as well as a Speaker & Holistic Nutritionist. Terra delivers a ton of value in this podcast!  She gives 4 easy tips on how we can use nutrition to produce more Serotonin (aka the Happy Hormone) and balance out Cortisol (aka the Stress Hormone). 

nutrition hacks

Nutrition Hacks to help us feel happy

Serotonin, the Happy Hormone – is mostly created in our gut.  Gut Health is VERY important.  Unfortunately, many people do not have a very healthy gut.  Here are a couple quick and easy tips on how to heal your gut.

Gut Health Tip #1:  Hydration

Gut Health Tip 2:  Probiotics

Cortisol Leveling Tip 1:  Eat 3-5 meals per day

  • 7am, 10am, 12pm,2:30pm, 6pm
  • Set alarms and don’t ignore them.
  • Set aside 5 – 10 minutes
    • protein smoothie for breakfast
    • fruit and nuts for a morning snack
    • salad for lunch
    • celery & hummus for your afternoon snack
    • protein and veggies for dinner
  • This will help your blood sugar level out and cortisol levels to balance out.Helps with mood swings.
  • 60% Augmenting Foods / 40% Extractive Foods – More on this and images found here on www.halepule.com.

Nutrition | List of Augmenting FoodsNutrition | List of Extractive Foods

  • Take the time
  • Chew your food!  30-40x per bite. Digestion and good health begins in the mouth. 🙂

Honey, you need to chew your food because you don’t have teeth in your intestines.

Cortisol Leveling Tip 2:  Take time for yourself   

  • Allow yourself 5 minutes of space for yourself.
  • No technology, nobody else, just sit and breath.
  • This will slow down your mind and balance out the cortisol.

My new project, 60SecondsofSolitude.com – a daily 1-minute meditation podcast is coming soon!

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Terra’s BIO:

Dedicated to helping people achieve their best health ever, Terra Rose Ganem provides holistic nutrition that creates a lasting foundation for unlimited vitality, energy and happiness.

Ganem is certified in BodyMind Nutrition, Raw Food and Superfood Nutrition, Cleansing and Detoxification, and Holistic Nutrition from the BodyMind Institute and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

She has traveled the country, privately studying and working with some of the world’s best doctors, nutritionists, and healers to develop an integrated lifestyle approach that provides fast and effective healing. She has a private practice that continually supports clients worldwide and founded Body Brilliance, a social enterprise dedicated to delivering exceptionally tasty and pure superfood and lifestyle products that help people feel and look great! 

Outside of her practice, she loves trail running with her pup, mountain biking, rock climbing, building socially conscious companies and creating the best recipes ever (think: raw chocolate pudding!).

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