Empowerment Ride 2016, Dave Cooke on Addiction Support Podcast

ASP 012: Dave Cooke Cycling from LA to NYC – Empowerment Ride 2016

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Empowerment Ride 2016, Dave Cooke on Addiction Support Podcast

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My guest this week is Dave Cooke from 100Pedals.com.  Dave shares with you, how he’s going to ride his bike from Santa Monica, CA to NYC, NY this summer.  The Empowerment Ride 2016!  He’s doing it to raise awareness and connect with families that have loved ones who are battling addiction.

Dave found out in 2009 that his son was battling a heroin addiction.  He is all too familiar with the impact addiction has on a family. In the early stages of this experience, he was nearly destroyed financially, professionally and personally.

If it wasn’t for the successful achievement of a cycling challenge he gave himself – one hundred consecutive days, at least, one hour a day – who knows where he would be.

Today, he knows his son’s story is not his story to tell nor is it his story. Rather, Dave’s story is about faith, love, and grace and how God guides him through the most difficult experiences to discover a place of peace, clarity, and purpose. It is a powerful story and the one he is happy to share with you… (adapted from 100Pedals.com)

Why is Dave taking this ride?

  1. To have ‘real live’ conversations.  He wants people to understand how serious addiction is in our society.
  2. To connect privately with family members and encourage them that they can get through it.

How can you support?

  1. Dave is planning local events Santa Monica, Flagstaff, Albuquerque, Amarillo, Tulsa, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and NYC.  He needs volunteers in each of those cities. (July 30 – October 2, 2016)
  2. Come ride with him
  3. Introduce Dave to sponsors (still need hotel rooms, an RV, food, etc)
  4. Donate to the cause

Final thoughts:

If you haven’t raised your hand and found someone who can help you deal with this, you need to.  You can’t do this alone.

Yes, this is going to be one of the darkest journies of your life.  Like any thunderstorm, there will be a rainbow at the end.  There is hope.


Dave@100pedals.com (Email)

100Pedals.com – Read Dave’s blog posts, sign up for his email list, and email him.

EmpowermentRide.com – Find out more information about The Empowerment Ride 2016!  Connect with Dave and let him know if you’d like to ride some or all of the journey with him, which state you’ll be seeing him in, or contribute financially to support his mission.

Flyer for The Empowerment Ride, 2016

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