Emotional Sobriety

ASP041: What Is Emotional Sobriety?

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Emotional Sobriety

Emotional Sobriety With Dr. Robb Dean

Emotional Sobriety is the ability to have a healthy relationship sith ones emotions.  To be in touch.  To be aware.  To let yourself feel them and interpret them.  Emotions are a fact of something going on inside of you.  Emotional Sobriety is the ability to act on your emotions in a healthy way.

Emotional sobriety is not an emotional roller coaster.  It is not being whiplashed by your emotions.

In general, the idea that other people cause me to feel anything is erroneous.

Many people have disassociated from their feelings.

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This is the 3rd in a series of 6 episodes with Dr. Dean Robb.  Did you hear the others?

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