PTSD, Emotional Trauma From Childhood

ASP035: PTSD, Emotional Trauma From Childhood Needs to Be Addressed

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PTSD, Emotional Trauma From Childhood

Unresolved emotional trauma, PTSD from childhood, can wreak havoc in our lives.


This week I’m joined by Dr. Robb.  Dean Robb, PhD. is a recovery coach with a PhD in Human Development and over 30 years of personal recovery who works primarily with people in recovery who are facing new bottoms, new addictions, problems with codependency, and the emergence of long-buried childhood abuse and emotional trauma. Dr. Robb helps them recover from these deeper issues and rebuild their lives.

Listen as Dr. Robb shares his story.  He shares how he experienced childhood trauma, struggled with addiction and is now active in his recovery.  We talk about how often childhood trauma is pushed down so deep into the sub conscience.  Many times people do not even recognize it’s there.

Alcohol is a pain killer.  Why do you need to be anesticized?

Dr. Robb sees a severe lack in AA and other 12 step programs in dealing with this level of PTSD.

Connect with Dr. Robb if you are interested in a free exploratory session with him.

There Is Hope!!!


Dr. Robb can be reached at, by phone at 908-922-3009 or 908-757-4721, on the internet at, on Facebook at, and on Twitter at @RecoverWithDean.

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This is the 1st podcast that Dr. Dean and I recorded together.  After this conversation, we thought we could provide even more value to you by going deeper.  We recorded 6 more podcasts in a series over the course of a couple weeks.  Here are the links to those podcasts.

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Special thanks to Dr. Robb for joining me this week.  Until next time!