ASP028: Codependency. What is codependency? Steps to stop being codependent.

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Listen to Addiction Support Podcast Episode 28 on How to Stop Being Codependent

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Take the Codependency Quiz: 15 questions to see if you might have codependency tendencies:


Take the best eCourse for codependency.

The Art of Extreme Self-Care by Cheryl Richardson


One of the best books for codependency, in both work and relationships.

Download your audio version of essentialism.  I’ve listened to this book 3 times over the past couple weeks and absolutely love it!

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Order your physical book today.

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If you liked this episode, you might want to check out Episode 17 on Detachment – “What is it” and “How to” Detach in Love from Codependent No More.  Or you can download your own copy of Codependent No More audiobook, here.

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Special thanks to Greg McKeown & Essentialism for writing this inspiring book.  Until next time!

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